How to Generate B2B Leads Using Social Media

We are in an era where almost everyone and everything is on social media. Savvy marketers are taking note of this and are doing their best to connect with their target market on every social media platform that they are in. They accomplish this either through implementing their strategies as part of their in-house initiatives, or partnering with a social media outsourcing company to conceptualize and put those ideas into action.

Social media is no longer limited to B2C companies, as B2B companies have become aware of the many possibilities that social media can do to their marketing strategies. They have recognized that having an identity on social media platforms increases brand awareness, boosts company website traffic, and generate leads. Whether you are a B2B marketer who is struggling to persuade your decision-makers to get into social media or a marketer who wants to make the most out of using social platforms to generate more leads, this comprehensive guide comprised of articles will surely help you out.

Social Media for B2B Marketing:

It’s hard to think of a company that has yet to have a social media account. But, there is still a sizeable percentage of B2B companies who won’t consider social media as part of their marketing tactic.

The following are useful resources for pitching the idea to your higher ups.

  1. Who says social media isn’t for B2B marketing?
    Coming from the marketing director of Hootsuite, a widely used social media monitoring tool, this article convinces B2B companies who have yet to take the plunge in social media marketing.The author explained how B2Bs can take advantage of social media and leverage it for their businesses. She also cited examples from big companies such as Dell and Volvo on how they used the data gathered from social media to connect with their customers, as well as improve their services.
  1. 24% of Top B2B Brands Lack Social Media Presence
    Here, you’ll discover that some of the big brands have not included social media as part of their marketing strategy.The author reiterates the importance of a brand’s presence on social media, and how B2Bs should consider that tactic to improve their audience reach.
  1. Study: Nearly All B2B Marketers Consider Social Media Critical to Campaigns
    This study highlights the importance of using social media as part of the communication campaign of B2B companies.It revealed that LinkedIn and Twitter are the two most popular social media platforms that marketers use to reach out and engage with their customers online.
  1. Social Media: New Solution for Your Business Growth
    This article discusses the role of social media for business growth. It indicated that B2Bs can use social media for social servicing, lead generation, and social analytics.
  1. How Social Media-Wary B2B Brands Can Take on the Medium
    This article explained how social media can be integrated into a B2B marketing plan such as by listening to what your customers say about your brand on Twitter, LinkedIn, Quora, and even Reddit.According to the author, B2B companies must first take part in the ongoing conversation to identify the needs and pain points, which is better than barging in and going all out in selling.
  1. 10 B2B Brands That Are Killing It on Social Media
    This is the best source of inspiration for coming up with a viable social media strategy for your B2B company.Take the cue from the big brands mentioned and get ready to raise awareness for your brand on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.
  2. Yes, Social Media Works for B2B Lead Generation
    Using social media for lead generation in B2B may be challenging but not impossible. This article illustrates the importance of social media to inbound marketers and its effectivity.It also presents the reality that social media is considered as the most difficult tactic to execute, and that there’s a struggle to measure the social media ROI.
  3. 5 Ridiculous B2B Social Media Marketing Myths
    This article debunks the popular myths associated with the use of social media for B2B marketing. Most notable of the myths is the one that assumed social media has no clear return on revenue.As indicated in the previous resource, social media ROI may be difficult to gauge but it is indeed measurable.
  1. 5 Ways to Prove the Value of B2B Social Media
    Written by the co-founder of Oktopost, a leading provider of social media solutions for B2B companies, this guide will help marketers persuade the top management to incorporate social media into their marketing strategies.The author presents detailed explanation on how social media will aid in lead generation, customer acquisition, community growth, engagement, and web traffic.
  2. Does social media work for B2B companies?
    Should you need more tips on how to get the decision-makers in your company allow you to integrate social media in your marketing strategy, this article will help you gain their approval.The article reiterates that B2B is still people marketing and that it requires engagement with the same way a B2C campaign does. It also specified techniques on how a B2B social media marketing plan may be executed on Pinterest, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube.
  3. The Potential Of #SocialMedia For B2B In 2015 – #infographic
    This infographic illustrates how B2B companies can benefit from social media, the top social media platforms, and the types of social media content among others.Statistics from credible sources backs this infographic. Check it out to get quick social media tips that you may use now for your B2B marketing initiatives.
  1. The Changing Face of B2B Marketing
    B2B marketing has evolved and has gone beyond launching Twitter and Facebook campaigns. To know how the disruption in B2B marketing can help your brand, read this article.
  1. How to Grow Your B2B Network via Social Media
    Growing your brand’s network on the social media will help a lot in getting valuable and qualified community members whom you can later on translate to leads.Read this article from Oktopost to know how you can expand your brand’s reach and establish meaningful connections with your community.
  2. B2B Social Media Sales Facts and Figures
    This is a big infographic that gives a summary of the many reasons that a B2B company must take on social media as part of their marketing strategy. It also presents an interesting history of the early social networks.This infographic was published in 2010, but back then, the average social media activity of a Fortune 100 company consisted of posting 27 tweets and 3.6 Facebook updates per week, and 7 blog posts and 10 videos per month.

Making Social Media Work for B2B

Now that you have persuaded your top management to venture into social media, it’s time that you prove its worth to the business—that social media marketing is not a nice-to-have but a must-have for your B2B organization.

The following articles will help you select the social media platform that applies to your marketing goals and how to use them to obtain your desired conversion.

  1. Four Powerful Tips for a Highly Effective B2B Social Media Strategy
    Getting the approval of your company’s decision-makers to tap social media for B2B marketing can be tough. This article gives marketers powerful tips on how to devise an effective social media marketing strategy. Read on to learn more about engagement, lead generation, and the right social media management tool that will help you execute your plans.
  1. 5 Ways to Woo Your B2B Social Media Audience & 3 Brands That Are Doing it Well
    Find out how your company can thrive in social media, and be as successful as HP, FedEx, and GE.Learn the importance of choosing the right platform for your marketing content and how to take engagement to the next level.
  1. 5 Inspiring B2B Social Media Pages and What Makes Them Great
    According to the author, it is imperative that B2B marketers integrate creative thinking with content marketing to develop a winning social media strategy. Companies like Hootsuite, IBM, and Intel were cited as examples.
  1. Q&A: How Maersk Line Created a Brilliant B2B Social Media Strategy
    Success does not happen overnight, and Maersk Line knows that very well. In this article, its social media manager generously shared how she spearheaded concrete strategies that made the company thrive on social media.
  1. 5 Tips to Make B2B Social Media Content Interesting
    B2B social media content need not be boring. The author of this article offers creative techniques on how to make your content more engaging to generate leads, eventually.He puts emphasis on humanizing your company, adding humor and visuals, and providing statistics on your B2B social media content.
  1. B2B Marketing On Social Media: The Dos & Don’ts
    Utilizing social media for B2B marketing is trickier than using it for B2C. Find out how what marketers should do and avoid when creating social media strategies.
  1. 25 B2B Social Media Statistics About Platform Usage
    Here is a comprehensive report of how marketers make use and value the different social media platforms for B2B marketing. This report reveals that LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter remain as the top platforms that marketers use.
  1. The Untapped B2B Marketing Resource: Social Media Data
    Marketers are using social media to advance the business of their respective companies. Some of them may have overlooked the wealth of information stored in the acquired social media data.Read this article to find out how you can use social data to improve or create a new social media plan.
  1. 7 Best Practices for B2B Social Media Marketing
    To ensure the effectiveness of your social media strategies, follow the best practices indicated in this article.A great takeaway from this is to enforce a 30/60/10 rule in creating content for the social media platforms that you use for the business. Your content plan must have 30% original content, 60% curated, and 10% promotional.
  2. 5 Tips to Increase Engagement on B2B Social Media Sites
    Engagement on B2B social media does not come easy the way it may seem on B2C.Here, the author gives easy-to-follow and applicable solutions on how to increase engagement on your company’s B2B page. A notable tip is to have industry celebrities take over one of the company’s social media accounts for a specific period.
  1. The 5 “Must-Do’s” For A Profitable B2B Social Media Strategy
    In devising social media marketing strategies, marketers aim to drive site traffic, generate leads, and ultimately, convert them into sales.In this article, learn the significance of researching your buyer persona, optimizing your company profile, building reach, customizing content, and analyzing data to improve strategies.
  1. 5 Statistics About B2B Demand Generation with Social Media That You Need to Know
    The author presents five relevant statistics that will help B2B marketers implement social media marketing strategies. The statistics revealed that LinkedIn remains as the top platform for generating leads, followed by Facebook and Twitter.
  1. B2B Social Media Marketing Tips
    This article offers tips on how B2B marketers can integrate social media with their SEO and content marketing strategies. It puts emphasis on adding call-to-action and unique tracking codes on your content to measure the impact of that strategy on the business.
  2. Planning Your B2B Marketing Approach to Social Media: 3 Key Angles
    This is a very helpful guide in executing social media strategies for B2B. The author provides justifications on the importance of building brand awareness, showcasing expertise, and generating leads.He also offered simple steps in executing each approach on Twitter and LinkedIn.
  1. How to Drive Leads with Smart B2B Social Media Marketing
    This is an excellent resource for B2B marketers who are just starting to incorporate social media into their marketing strategies.In this article, a seasoned B2B social media marketing professional shared the techniques that would ensure that marketers are doing the right thing. Read on to learn more about planning, defining social media roles, and setting a budget for this online initiative.
  1. What To Post: 15 Creative Ideas For B2B Social Media Content
    Here are creative ideas that will make your company page anything but boring. Though some may not be applicable for some businesses, the ideas presented in this article will definitely boost engagement in your social media platforms.
  1. 5 Tips to Consider When Listening for B2B Sales Opportunities on Social Media
    This short but very informative article defines social listening and its importance to social selling. It also reveals how social “stalking” can help marketers engage prospects in the buyer’s journey.
  2. How Social Media Can Affect Your B2B Lead Generation [INFOGRAPHIC]
    This article presents a case study of social media demographics and helps marketers find their target audience. Read this article to learn more about identifying the right platform for your B2B social media strategy.
  3. Make Social Media Part of Your B2B Lead Management Program
    Social media is not just for customer service, as it can also be a valuable tool for generating leads. This article will help you make the most out of your company’s online presence in social media.
  4. Why LinkedIn is Still the Social Media Leader for B2B Marketers
    Facebook may have evolved to include features for business purposes. However, LinkedIn remains to be the undisputed social media platform of choice for many B2B marketers over time.As LinkedIn is focused on serving professionals, it makes it easier for marketers to narrow their target audience. Read more about how LinkedIn can help you with your social media marketing strategy.
  5. How to Get Started with Instagram for B2B Social Media Marketing
    Yes, Instagram can also cater to B2B! Instagram offers marketers the capability to present their organization in a way that’s more visually appealing.Read this article to find out how you can integrate Instagram into your social media marketing plan.
  6. How to Make a Plan for B2B Social Selling
    This article gives emphasis on the need to devise an actionable plan for social selling. It also furthered that upon identifying your target audience in social media, a compelling content must be created to capture the attention of that market.
  7. Best Practices for Nurturing B2B Leads Captured via Social Media
    Now that you have managed to get leads through social media marketing, the next step is to nurture these.Learn the best practices from this article and go beyond converting captured leads into sales to forming trusting relationships that will translate into brand loyalty.
  8. The Best Social Media Platform for Generating B2B Leads [Infographic]
    LinkedIn is the most valuable social media platform that B2B marketers depend on for generating leads. Read this article to find out why and how your company can benefit from it as well.




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