Encouraging youths to be entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurship can be called as another economic grower in the country’s economic future. Developing employment for the youth of the country is one of the most admirable advantage .Out of  the country’s total  youth population, only 1/3rd of the population is employed. So entrepreneurship gives a long helping hand to the government as a source of employment.

Banks like Small Industries Development Bank of India (SIDBI) helps entrepreneurs in their economic field. It brings development of global economic condition being an opportunity of new job creation and new innovations. It also gives the best economic self sufficiency. It allows people to become an employer or a boss, rather than being an employee. But in spite of huge interest, youths cannot take up their initial step towards entrepreneurship as a carrier goal.

Therefore encouraging entrepreneurs is immensely important to accelerate the country’s economy. Encouragement leads the youth to take risks, gain experiences, face difficulties and have courage to start their self employment business. Entrepreneur encouragement helps people to take up their skills and apply them on their own self employment hence leading to making themselves awesome leaders.

Becoming an Entrepreneur will lead people to develop interpersonal skills, money management, teamwork, self-assurance, and also definitely a brilliant speaker and a strong manager. Being an entrepreneur makes you a better goal achiever and a true dreamer. Because an entrepreneur is the one who dreams simultaneously also brave enough to make it work out.
Encouraging youths entrepreneurs

Every single individual dreams, and those who have the courage to face difficulties and confident enough to pursue the dreams are the one who deserves to dream. Pursuing the dream is about hard work not about luck. Luck has nothing to do. Being an entrepreneur is satisfactory all the time, but you have to be in complete love with it, ones you start your business. If you have invested your time, money, energy and everything you have in developing your idea, then you will have no other option .You have to become a true lover of your work and work it out with  full on passion.

To be an entrepreneur is more stressful than to be an employee. Meeting your own deadlines is more stressful than meeting the deadline of your boss. Being an entrepreneur means you have to struggle both in growing your business as well as maintaining your own personal financial stability resulting yourself  into a brilliant money manager.

There is no scarcity of frustration suffered by any entrepreneur. It’s another face of this decision. Every now and then a self employed person will suffer frustration in his career. This may be due to failure of achieving financial targets, or may be because he is undergoing pressure with enormous strain. But still he has to continue his never ending work and hence overcome those situations and become disposed to tougher situations. Hence it turns you into a better positive human being even in negative surroundings.

Working as an employee one can give time to family, friends and society ones you are out of your work place. But ones you are your own boss, the workload will be exceptionally intense. From planning to launching, you have to run a race and every time you feel your work is done, you wil always find some work still pending. You have to struggle hard for balancing your time between work and life. Ones one is an entrepreneur he/she will enjoy time flexibility to the full. One can use 24 hours of time according to own self. He/She will be able to use his/her complete day and night by himself /herself .One can work whole night, and sleep whole day or vice versa by one’s own wish. Hence entrepreneurship makes you an efficient time manager.

Ones you are on the flow and start gaining some positive response, whether it be financial stability, financial rise or any kind of affectionate rewards. It is one of the greatest feelings, when your work returns you fruit of your best efforts and struggle you have given to it over long time. The feeling that finally your hard work is paying you back, gives you the best feeling ever.The best gift from entrepreneurship is creating something that grows. Planting something, watering it, protecting it from a lot of hazardous situations coming through and finally a day will come when you can see the blooming flower. Entrepreneurship is a beautiful opportunity for such creations. So if you have an idea, have courage and built it gracefully.

Madhushree  Bharati

Media Analyst

MArconix Inc.

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