The eCommerce Marketing Guide

Many view eCommerce as simply an online store selling products. What they neglect is the importance of building a brand and focusing on the customer.

Many shops simply sell products, but what distinguishes some from others and converts them into robust businesses is the brand they build throughout the process. The brand is what your company is known for, how people think and feel about your company, and it is derived from the cumulative experience they have with every single touchpoint from the moment they come to your eCommerce site to their perceptions about the product they’ve purchased and continue to use.

This is your guide to getting and staying visible.the-ecommerce-marketing-guideHere’s what it includes:
  • How to drive traffic to your site with Inbound Marketing
  • How to reach your potential customers with Outbound Marketing
  • How to use Design to sell products and communicate your brand

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