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Thinking of online store, website and e-commerce no one can forget use of social networks to drive good traffic & social image. Creating a strong social image, professional profile of your business, getting good followers, excellent marketing via all these social networking channels is the most important for running online business. Social medial media is the biggest source of online marketing. Without this your online businesses will cent percent remain incomplete. If you think of top social networking channels with the help of which you must go ahead one of the name is gona be of twitter. Twitter is unique micro blog which stands out of huge no of social networking channels.

Twitter comes with a fantastic logo of cute little bird that does tweet-tweet! And it’s the way how exactly it works! Twitter allows you to create your free profile, send free tweet, get followers, retweet and respond to any existing tweet, advertise through twitter. It allows you to tweet a text, text with hash tag, tweet a photo or even tweet small video.

Every common man uses social networks as it offers free profile creation and free communication. What you should do if you wish to make its wise use for your business or for creating your professional image? Just don’t forget to read each and every word of this article. This can really make your life changed! Twitter is bit intellectually used unlike other networks. Here are smart tricks and tips especially for your twitter.

1. Sort it out

Yes! Following someone on twitter for various reasons should be well sorted out. Twitter offers unique twitter list feature that makes you sort things out. Like Cabinet ministers of your country, celebrities, business partners, social media advisors and so on….. ! You can add maximum 500 people in one list. Likewise max 20 lists can be maintained. It allows you to choose when you wish to see particular group’s tweets.

2. Private list

Add people for daily communication here. Whom you follow is what you see on twitter daily. So, be sure you don’t get trapped in family stuff here. No porn, no indecent behavior if you wish to make your mind professional. You can make this list as a private or public. We would like to say, make it private. It also adds to your learning, thinking, stay updated.

3. Perfect profile picture

It’s something that follows your every tweet. Make sure you choose perfect image that represents your business / professional role / purpose. Image has to be clear & should fit in exact image size of twitter profile square. It will be visible for people who will come across your any tweet. This will catch their eyes & help visiting your profile and associate with you in future. Adding your pet puppy’s picture won’t work here as far as business is concerned. Cartoons, info graphics, animals won’t be real perfect at this window.

4. Look perfect

Twitter has a facility to change your profile color, background color. Make it more attractive and communicative. Make sure you change look of your twitter profile as per your brand / business. Use of wrong pictures, non- professional representation will make your profile look low. Along with perfect picture profile, your background images will also speak for you. Use it wisely.

5. Express yourself

Make sure you tweet regarding your business, your skills, your profession. Communicate with people, tweet & re-tweet about you. Let it reach people, let it do a bit tweet-tweet-tweet………. ! People respond, say something, ask something and say hello-hi-hoi! It’s a communication! So, be responsive, get noticed. Your official tweet will speak about you. It’s considered as your
voice & your words when it comes to tweeter words. Make sure you express yourself in 160 words wisely!6. More precision

Create your tweeter landing page to use it as your twitter profile link.
It allows you to get more professional presentation escaping 160 words of restriction !

7. Circulate your Twitter

You must use it at several communication desks that will make it more popular, that will make it reach lots of people & help you gain followers. a. Website comes as the 1st & the most important thing to mention your
entire social networking channels direct links.
b. Your email signature comes next to it which can circulate your direct link. Get followers; get noticed by a single click!
c. Your official social profiles on other social networking channels. Every network allows you to add your official social networking sites & their links.

8. It allows you to sync your contacts as well. Here, you have to be careful.

Don’t blindly add other network contacts to every of your social profile. You have to decide & sort out how to use which social network & manage contacts (wanted, unwanted ….) wisely.

9. Tweet-Codes

Tweet promo codes for your services. Let people follow you, use codes, get discounts. It’s the way you can analyze reach & power of your social power. Let people get used to, habitual to see your tweets.

10.Click & Tweet

Do share your descent and professional photos too. It’s fine to post good selfies as well. Don’t go mad. But making a bit personal connection with your customers is good. It will increase their engagement by giving it person-to-person interaction.

These top 10 tips will make you use it much better. It’s a microblog used by all influential people across globe. It’s a platform where followers get counted & make a big difference. It adds a glory to your social image. It can make or fake your social image. Barack Obama, Modiji & highly influential Politian’s are using it…! Press, media, reporters, celebrity are actively using it. People are following Big B & Hemamalini on tweeter along with other politicians. It’s not about the field of politics or acting. It’s the power of common man within 160 words that made several abused Indians rescued from foreign lands. Make sure you follow right people, register your vote when headline with hash tag spreads voices.

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