Digital Marketing Trends in 2017

Reality of Digital Marketing,  it is not just moving fast, it’s skyrocketing, keeps evolving with technology and it’s not just technology that’s moving fast, even customers are evolving.  2016 saw development and increase in social Media, VR and user experience. So what should you expect in 2017?

  1. Interactive Content: – In current landscape of Digital, content is everything. Interactive content engages participants in an activity: answering questions, making choices, exploring scenarios and one of the best ways to capture attention.

Interactive can be any forms, from polls and quizzes to calculators and contest. Interactive content generates conversions moderately or very well 70% of the time. In addition it works as a competitor differentiator and proves effective in educating buyers, no mean feat in a landscape that sees customers turn away from traditional methods of purchasing in favour of online reviews and research.

2.Social Media: – Social media consumption continues to rise and the big players are controlling the market.   Twitter purchased Periscope, Facebook bought WhatsApp and as social becomes more consolidated, the way in which these platforms operate may very well change, and it’s up to businesses and their marketers to keep their eye on the changes to remain ahead of the game. One of the pioneers of the expiring content movement is Snapchat. To create a real sense of urgency, the platform gave customers a limited time to read or view content before it disappeared. This consisted of watching 10-second videos that disappear after one view, and then related to other bigger Snapchat stories. The tactic proved so successful that Instagram copied the model, causing a rivalry between the two platforms.

  1. Live Video: – Live video has become the internet’s favorite shining new model. Online video now accounts for 50% of all mobile traffic and this year has seen a huge rise in video sharing, and video content creation, particularly in the realms of social media. Platforms such as Periscope and Facebook Live now make it easy for brands and businesses to connect with their fans and followers in real-time and get their message across by streaming live broadcasts and promoting them in advance, and as people’s thirsts for video stimulation increases, so will the need for live video content.
  2. Mobile Devices: – There are currently 22 billion active mobile devices in the world – that’s more technology in the world than people, so it’s easy to understand the importance of smartphone marketing and its relevance to an organization. Much like the emergence of mobile, brands and businesses will have to develop their websites and platforms to suit the needs of the needs of the average wearable user, and ensure they are optimized for small, more interactive screens to ensure a quality user experience and prompt sales. Mobile also has a large impact on search marketing as Google vigorously follows its mobile first mantra. Leading companies are looking at adaptive mobile design approaches which have the benefit of serving more relevant, contextual content and CTAs for users and reducing load times.

  1. Internet of Things(IoT): – IoT is one of the most important marketing technology applications of the last 2-3 years, but it is of most relevance to devices makers and retailers, so it is relatively high-up in this ranking of priorities. There are expected to be 75 billion connected devices by 2020, meaning there will be ten times as many devices able to talk to one another as there will be people on the planet! The implications are huge and far ranging. All this sharing of data will transform the way we live our
  2. Native Ads: -Native advertising correspond many types of advertising, from paid search and social ads to the sponsored editorial offerings from media companies. Or in other words, any paid content that is “in-feed” and inherently non-disruptive. Native Ads laying a growing part in publisher’s monetization strategies, quickly becoming a best practice for marketers
  3. Webinar: – A webinar is nothing but a seminar conducted over the Internet. I know what you are thinking,” Webinar died long back”. But they are not; I can assure you that hosting a webinar and making it the right way can be a really powerful for your business.

With digital technology getting more refined all the time, the scope for brands and businesses to engage with consumers is apparently infinite, and it is going to prove even more valuable in coming days.

As a digital specialist, we can help build the capabilities of your business.


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