Why you should Outsource Marketing?


I say why not? After all we are in phase where we have never been before and old keys will not open new doors. With the evolution of technology that changes our lifestyle on the basic level, Marketing in Modern times has transformed extensively. Customers are consuming more media, in a more dissimilar ways, more than ever before, accomplishing success is an ever-increasing, ever-going challenge.

Imagine Game of Thrones world,  where Westros part has fortune 500 companies and all billion dollars organization are enlisted because there reach is all around seven kingdoms no matter who sits on the Iron throne,  everyone from all around seven kingdoms wants to be part of it. If you are one of them who wants to be big- shot companies, we can make it happen for you.

We are House of Marconix- Ours is the Marketing


Game of thrones, One character has been saying only one word throughout his journey, “HODOR”.

wysom_hodor_3This is finest example of marketing I could think in my last decade. George R. R. Martin had written it long back but it was David Benioff and D.B. Weiss who made it natural and yet so exciting with huge amount of buzz around it. Plan was simple; make everybody remember one word HODOR which would eventually turned out to be lifesaving word. This one word used wisely, would leave every one speechless for the moment. Fans have now started using Hodor in their day to day lingo

When you want to create Buzz, you need to find experts in those areas. Work in strategic and yet Create plenty buzz and hype around the product, so when customers identify your product is in the market, he will go for it. Why? Because we have been making huge waves and splash for so long, that customer curiosity would be at topmost and it’s hard to resist the call of curiosity.

What’s “Hodor”? No one knew when Game of thrones started, and why does he keep saying it? But after all the waiting and drama, when we finally saw Kristain Nairn (Hodor alias Wylis) in his childhood, we realize why he says- HODOR or “Hold the door”.


It goes true in marketing also. You should know-What channels should you use & how do you stand apart from others in the same world? How do you get the expertise to know the right channels & then find someone you can trust as Brandon Stark trusted Hodor who had the skill to deliver? How do you know what channels are delivering and what technology to invest in? We at Marconix are HODOR for you. We embrace all the challenges for you, so that you are free to concentrate on your strength and grow as an organization


Expecting a junior marketing person, to drive diverse functions, such as breaking out and executing strategic projects, PR, internal communications, event-management and advertising is unrealistic. You Need Hodor, who can do all heavy weight lifting for your marketing activities, yet prove to be lifesaving for your organization.

Marconix offers a hassle-free solution that does all of this and also help clients navigate through the channels and challenges, provide direction and if needed, do an end to end activity to accomplish goals. For Small business owners, marketing is a necessary uninvited dragon they’d prefer to avoid.

There are other aspects of Marketing that can put SME and entrepreneurs in back gear when it comes to making a decision to outsource. Cost is one of the factors they think twice before outsourcing and hesitate before reaching out to marketing agencies. The expertise a marketing firm provides can come at a steep cost.


Imagine producers of GOT going through the same predicament every year since 2011. They decided that their show needs the best quality and they went on to produce one of the costliest TV episode and still managed a huge popularity, reviews and fans for HBO. In hand HBO made profit out of the show even though it is most pirated show on the earth. Review your budget carefully before hiring a firm, weighing the likely cost against the potential benefits.

If your in-house talent can do the job at a lower cost, you might want to stick with your own resource, but if your team isn’t delivering the outcomes you want for the time and money you invest in marketing efforts, investing in an outside firm like Marconix because we are worth more than gold or the dragon glass.

Marconix, take the entire element into deliberation. Here is the reason why you should consider Marketing Outsourcing with Marconix.

  1. Know your Battle Plan: By this I mean, know your strengths and use them wisely. Game of thrones Producers, Writers, Directors, Actors and all the team involved are passionate about what they do and they know how to do it differently yet making it class apart.  Marketing firms have teams of specialists who specialize in numerous marketing efforts, including branding, Sales, Retail marketing, creative content, Digital Marketing These teams have the experience and knowledge to develop and deploy positive marketing campaigns for you and can decode into more effective campaigns that yield better results.wysom_MBP_5


  1. Time:  Most convincing reasons to outsource your marketing efforts is time. If you and your in-house team lack the time to engage in marketing activities, outsourcing your marketing may be a feasible solution, freeing up time to devote on other high-priority responsibilities for your business. Creating and publishing quality marketing content like writing, editing, graphic design, and video production—takes hours of devotion on an ongoing basis. As does interacting with your blog and social media followers.


  1. Attention: Marketing firm can help you stay focused on existing strategy. If you lack understanding in marketing, you may not be sure which strategy or tools to deploy for the maximum ROI, and you can waste time and money getting preoccupied by a marketing method that turns out to be unproductive. For instance, you might not be sure which platform is the best social media tool for a particular marketing campaign. An experienced marketing firm will know which tactics yield results and can help you stay focused on the right activities to achieve your goals.


  1. Objectivity: An outside marketing company like Marconix can also bring objectivity to your marketing efforts. For illustration, you might be inclined to judge the effectiveness of a campaign or a piece of content by what sounds good to you, which may or may not work effectively for your target market. Professional marketers use powerful analytic tools that measure the effectiveness of promotional campaigns, providing information such as how many likes or share a social media post generated or how many visitors came to your site from searching on a particular keyword phrase.


Finding a marketing firm that fits your exact requirements can be challenging, especially if you’re inexperienced at working with agencies. Once you’ve identified some suitable agencies, interview their representatives, asking probing questions about their specialties, their experience, and their team. Identify the potential opportunities and risks. Minimize your risks by carefully screening prospective firms before making a hiring decision. Because when you play the Games of marketing, you “WIN or you DIE.”

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