Combining Digital With Traditional Marketing

Remember the proverb: Respect the old but seek out the new

Most marketers admit that the online marketing is the only way forward and social media, email campaign, newsletter and website ads are some of the best tools to use. It holds true to some extent as most folks are indeed spending more and more time online. However, traditional marketing still has influence in marketing realm. Reason for this, not everyone is online all the time. People still listen to radio, watch TV, go to movies and read newspaper. It’s important that you remember that some product and services give better results if marketed online, while other give better result if marketed offline.

Marketing online and offline

Marketing goal is to popularize a business or a brand and also promote the product and services to the target audience. The ultimate goal in every marketer strategy is to attract and convert as many people as possible. Focusing over only digital over traditional won’t get the best result but a combination of both digital and traditional mix is the finest way to go forward. Online marketing can deliver a message swiftly and efficiently to the audience on social media, while offline ads such as TV ads can deliver a message to offline audiences.

Take an example of Amazon GO as they have been in online business for so long. They have been doing end to end activities online. Now they have opened first of its kind grocery and convenience store recently in Seattle and with plans to expand to more cities in coming years. Amazon team has always imagined if they could somehow track their customers in a physical store and now with Amazon GO which uses a hybrid of the technologies that the retailer used to successfully build its online shopping experience, including location-based app services, one-click shopping, QR code IDs and integrated payments. They consider the physical stores as an extension of its online presence. Several Amazon pop-up stores are also appearing in the middle of shopping malls. They feature Amazon’s electronic devices, including Amazon Kindle, Fire TV, Fire tablets and Echo. Customers can try out the devices, ask questions, and then make a purchase at the pop-up store or online. Amazon’s strategy is to get its products into the hands of consumers through on-site as well as online home delivery.

Online approach for offline sales

Online marketing is not only faster and more efficient than the traditional but it also offers different and new strategy and tactics. Now most marketing activities are conducted online because people are not only present on social media but they also interact freely with brands and business on social media. But if you think or say that traditional marketing is dead or dying is wrong, as traditional marketing activities still have influence to win over large audience.

For example, an online promotion for new cafeteria or a brand new brick and mortar store is good way to increase awareness, but you will not be able to try out food nor try out clothes online. Therein lies problem as there are quite more eatery or stores out there than you can imagine and one method of online or offline won’t create attention. In this case, you have to go with traditional marketing complimented by online marketing. When you attract customers via traditional marketing and generate interest, you can leverage their testimonials to endorse online activities.

Online and offline boost

Not everyone will follow your brand no matter how good you are. As a matter of fact, brand awareness attracts attention and sale promotions bring the customers. This awareness doesn’t mean that they will engage with your brand, particularly folks who don’t like spending time online.

That is why you will miss out on some potential customers if you only run offline promotions or online promotions. Focus sales on both digital and traditional platforms to remind your audience to check out your goods and services and take a journey along with you along with campaign.

Advantage publicity
To make the best out of publicity, you need to leverage both traditional and digital marketing. Publicity helps you to surge awareness about your products, services, brand, and events and so on.

Many ways to gain publicity, the smartest strategies is to create content. Content works for both digital and traditional marketing as it is detailed in explanations, information and stories. Always remember that digital and traditional marketing are not supposed to oppose but to complement each other. A Marketer who understands this will achieve maximum utilization from both platforms and would get the best result for their ROI.

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