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Combining Digital With Traditional Marketing

Remember the proverb: Respect the old but seek out the new Most marketers admit that the online marketing is the only way forward and social media, email campaign, newsletter and website ads are some of the best tools to use. It holds true to some extent as most folks are indeed spending more and more …

Why you should Outsource Marketing?


I say why not? After all we are in phase where we have never been before and old keys will not open new doors. With the evolution of technology that changes our lifestyle on the basic level, Marketing in Modern times has transformed extensively. Customers are consuming more media, in a more dissimilar ways, more …

GST Impact in Marketing

I have been talking to several Industries marketing executive about the impact of GST on our market and let me tell you, Please stop guessing because nobody knows. There are some predictions about it but I feel it’s too early to predict the future of GST impact.       GST is the biggest tax …

Marconix successfully handling the #Brand promotional #Activity of KURLON enterprises Ltd.

Catch all the action of Asia’s largest exhibition held at Bangalore International Exhibition Center, where Marconix Sales and Marketing Pvt Ltd successfully handling the #Brand #Promotion of KURLON India’s largest selling mattresses. #We_Outsource_Ur_Marketing Home   Please follow and like us:

Marconix Pvt Ltd successfully handling market reach out of Kurlon Enterprise Limited at Kerala on the occasion of #ONAM.

Marconix Pvt Ltd successfully handling the market reach out of Kurl-on, India’s largest selling mattress company PAN Kerala with lots of exciting offer to grab on the special occasion Onam Festival.         Please follow and like us:

Kurl-on marketing activity

The agency is successfully handling the market explanation and reach-out duties for Kurl-on Enterprise Limited. Marconix is successfully handling the market explanation and customer reach out process in South Indian part (#Karnataka #Tamil-Nadu #AndhraPradesh) for India’s largest selling mattress company KURL-ON. Below are the close look of Road Show activity     Please follow and like us:

Marconix wins Kurl-on account

The agency will manage the market explanation and reach-out duties for Kurlon Enterprise Limited. Kurl-on, India’s largest selling mattress company,has assigned its market explanation and reach-out to Marconix. As part of the win, the agency will manage the on-ground marketing and reach-out campaigns for the brand.      Please follow and like us:

Should a Startup Outsource Sales and Marketing?

Startup Outsource Sales and Marketing,marconix,bbuddy,omididital

While the term ‘outsourcing’ does tend to conjure up a few negative connotations, it’s not a new concept for startups or most small businesses. Many growing companies frequently use the outside help of book keepers, accountants, and lawyers to keep their operations running smoothly and fill in knowledge gaps. Given that most entrepreneurs don’t have …

Why Outsource Marketing?

Why Outsource? What is the engine that drives a company’s growth? Is it the sales, engineering, purchasing, production or shipping department? While every one of these play a role, none of them can make it work without marketing. Essentially, marketing is all these things and more. Marketing is the beginning and end of the entire …