MPO provides an organization more control on the overall marketing operations
MPO helps organizations address critical management issues of their clients
MPO helps an organization to better understand the needs of their clients and deliver value accordingly
Why should you outsource your marketing operations?
You can bridge the gaps that exist in the traditional marketing model of coordinating with multiple agencies
You can enhance your in-house marketing and sales efforts seamlessly
MPO is very cost effective as compared to an in house marketing function
By outsourcing your core marketing functions, you can focus much on your primary business model
By hiring an MPO company, you get instant and continuous access to qualified and experienced marketing professionals
You get one partner who can deliver to meeting your end business objectives and not just to completing a set of tasks

We at Marconix understand the basic gaps that exist in the marketing function, especially when marketers have to deal with multiple agencies to accomplish their primary marketing tasks. We leverage our years of experience and expertise in the field to provide end-to-end solutions for all your marketing initiatives. Our methodology is simple:

We work with our clients through all stages of the marketing process:

  • Setting marketing goals and objectives
  • Developing strategy
  • Defining and systematically executing tasks
  • Conducting periodic reviews to ensure that the outcome is in line with the strategic goals of the organization