Real Estate

challenges faced
Managing increased costs associated with reaching out to prospective property buyers and tenants
Delivering the experience of the project even before completion
Engaging actively with existing buyers for referrals
Creating and enhancing the reputation of the project and the builder
Utilizing ‘word-of-mouth’ as a powerful marketing tool
Virtual/physical experience center - setup and management
Cost effective lead generation programs and Property marketing
Online marketing and social media programs
Dedicated communications desk for continued support
Ongoing marketing support activities including campaigns and promotions
Loyalty and referral programs
The real estate sector is growing by leaps and bounds and has become highly competitive with a wide range of choices for buyers and emergence of several major players. Realty marketers are increasingly resorting to newer, faster, and efficient ways to market their services to a larger audience base. The traditional channels available for marketing of projects, like television and print are becoming more expensive and less effective by the day while channels like direct marketing, social media, online marketing, and referral programs are becoming more significant