Start Ups

You better recognize.
Brand identity allows consumers to recognize and remember what you stand for. Marconix will take the time to get to know your company and create or refine a brand to accurately reflect who you are or who you want to be.
From logo design to brand framework, Marconix does brand development.
marketing startegy
No task left behind.
Marketing strategy encompasses a wide variety of tasks that can sometimes slip through the cracks. Marconix has experience operating as an internal marketing team and will be a valuable resource for your company, whether you have a marketing department or not.
From research to campaign management, Marconix does marketing strategy.
graphic design'
Get a response.
Good graphic design evokes an emotional response from the viewer. Marconix will take your ideas and translate them into impactful visual works of art.
From print to web, Marconix does graphic design.
Stay on your toes.
Startups are faced with challenges that surface quickly and require immediate action. Being active in the startup space has given Marconix a unique appreciation for these scenarios, allowing us to adapt quickly, develop a project blueprint, and execute.
Marconix does any marketing-related projects.
Care to share.
Social media has become an essential tool for startups to share their vision and market their products. Marconix is very active in social media and well-versed in creating meaningful interactions online.
From creation to management, Marconix does social media.