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Why Outsource

Why Outsource

If you’re an organization who is considering outsourcing any of their sales or marketing competencies, we welcome you to resourcefully consider Marconix Sales and Marketing Pvt. Ltd.

In today’s economy the business climate is changing rapidly. This challenges organizations to become more efficient and really scrutinize the value of their overall sales and marketing costs.

Why not focus on what your company or organization does best. A question to ask is; is your company really planning to be the best at B2B marketing and sales activities? Our very biased and strategic belief is to stay focused on what you do best and find the BEST partners to handle the rest.We do realize finding the right partner to outsource to, is no easy matter. Our encouragement is to choose cautiously and intelligently. In your professional considerations of why to potentially outsource to a B2B marketing and sales, let us humbly provide a few profitable reasons.

The benefits are all measurable, you’ll lower your cost per sale, quick time to market, NO more recruitment or HR worries, NO more personnel headaches to manage, NO more technologies to keep abreast of, NO more day-to-day administrative worries and you’ll have a world-class sales and marketing engine to drive. Your only concern will be to drive the car and make sure you have the right gas in the tank (products and services)

If you’re in agreement or resonate with our thinking and If you’ve a complex sale, sophisticated sale, or fundamental sale in the category of Financial Services, Technology, Healthcare, Medical Device, Non-Profit, Government, Manufacturing, Legal, Businesses Services or Experiential Marketing Event Services then welcome to Marconix you’re on ramp into “high touch” B2B marketing and sales. And while Marconix is a national company with national reach we’re very much at home in Bangalore and the North India, serving all T-I and T-II cities business communities.

We invite you to “Improve Your Net” and ROI. Call today and get started!


What is the engine that drives a company’s growth? Is it the sales, engineering, purchasing, production or shipping department? While every one of these play a role, none of them can make it work without marketing. Essentially, marketing is all these things and more.Marketing is the beginning and end of the entire growth process. It is a continuous feedback loop, an ever-changing entity that requires constant adjustments and refinements. No other function brings every department’s goals together as one cohesive business plan. It therefore stands to reason that a solid marketing approach should be the most important aspect of any business. Products don’t sell themselves. Your company’s image, reputation, sales goals, growth plans, and customer service requirements are all driven by marketing. So, why do companies pay such little attention to this essential function?

Whyoutsource time is money


We are all familiar with the saying “time is money”. Having someone in your organization perform the essential functions of marketing, without the experience and expertise to make it work, is a complete waste of time and money. Simply put, this is too important to have just anyone do it. Outsourcing your marketing saves you precious time, and allows key personnel to concentrate on other essential functions.


Perhaps the single biggest benefit of outsourced marketing is the fact that it represents a fraction of the cost of having a full time employee or department. Without the overhead, you have the flexibility to pay for what you need, when you need it.



As a business owner/manager, you’ve likely heard what people in your organization believed you wanted to hear. It’s not uncommon to be surrounded by employees who feel the need to agree with your ideas and approaches. However, everyone needs a different perspective. Call it a wake up call. It simply works. You need someone willing to point out your mistakes, and provide the right path to success. Using an outsourced marketing firm, such as Marconix, provides you with the insight and expertise that might otherwise be lacking in your organization.


By outsourcing your marketing, you now have the ability to quantify the results of marketing initiatives done by real marketing experts. Having real marketing professionals working for your company allows you to see for yourself what can truly be accomplished. Part of the problem has been that marketing to date has been done by someone without the background and experience to make it work. That’s no longer the case. Marketing professionals have the knowledge to develop solid plans, and the follow through capabilities to see them mature.